Task statuses allow you to assign a state to each of your project’s deliverables so you may track their progress more effectively. They are particularly useful to identify completed deliverables, those underway or even those at risk of incompletion.

The actions described in this guide are performed in the Tasks status tab. You'll need a specific access right to be able to go on this page. Accessing this page requires specific access rights which are editable in the Access Rights tab under the Employees section. To learn more, please consult our Set up access rights guide.

Create a task status

From within the Task status tab located under the Configuration section, click on the Create a task status located at the top left of your page. A new field will appear in the list with a default name.

You can then edit your Task status’ information in the sidebar located at the right of your screen. Click the Save button to save the changes made to your task status. A message should now appear at the bottom of your screen confirming the creation of your task status.

Edit a task status

To edit a task status, you’ll first have to click on the task status you wish to edit. This will invoke the sidebar at the right of screen which contains all of the relevant information about your task status.

You can then :

  • Change your task status name
  • Choose if you wish to let your users enter actual hours for this task by selecting whether or not it appears in the timesheets.
  • Assign a color code to this task.

Once your changes are completed, click on the Save button to confirm changes.

Edit the display order of task status

You can edit the sorting order in which your task status appear in your project sheet. Changing the display order requires the drag and drop technique.

To start editing, click on the task that you want to move while holding the left click on your mouse button. Then, drag it to the desired location and simply let go of your mouse button to drop it wherever you like.

The list will adjust dynamically to allow you to preview in which spot your task status will be.

Important : The last status in your list will automatically be considered by the system as the completed value, regardless of the name assigned to your task status. We therefore recommend that you keep your completed status in the last position of your list.

Delete a task status

To begin, click on the task status you wish to delete. This will invoke the sidebar at the right of your screen which contains all of the relevant information about the task status.

You can then click on the Delete button. A message will appear at the bottom of your screen to confirm the status removal. 

Important : You cannot delete a task status if it has been assigned to one or more deliverables in your projects. To be able to delete this type of status, you’ll first need to edit the task statuses on the concerned deliverables.

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