The Configuration section appears in the navigation bar on the left. Under it, you may find the following tabs: 

The first step of configuration consists in setting up the company’s General settings.

Beginning of the fiscal year

By default, the fiscal year begins at the start of January. This setting influences the period shown within all the tabs in Beeye for all users.

E.g. If you choose April as the beginning of your fiscal year, your reports will display data from 1st of April through March 31st.

Weekly work hours

Weekly work hours are one the most important settings in Beeye. We use it as a reference point for calculating the percentage of capacity for all of the existing resources in Beeye. 

Caution: In Beeye, the capacity profile is entered for the entire organization. It is not yet customizable by person.

URL of company’s logo

To customize Beeye to your brand image, paste your company logo’s url. It should now appear in all subsequent pages as well as in your Excel and PDF exports.

Default position and access roles

To make creating new users easy, Beeye automatically assigns a default position and access roles.

Maximum hours per day

You can limit the number of actual hours that a user may input in the time sheet section with this setting.

E.g. If you enter 7 for instance, users will not be able to input more than 7 hours of work per day. If you leave this indicator at 0, entered hours will not be limited.

Sort list of titles manually

By default, the position list in Beeye is sorted alphabetically. However, this option allows you to manually choose the order in which the positions appear throughout the different sections of the platform. To activate this option, simply check the box before saving your changes.

Once this option is enabled, you can then go to the Position page in the Employee section and using the drag and drop feature, reorder each position based on your preferences. These changes will be applied to all of the users in your company.

If you disable this option after having manually switched the position’s order, the list will automatically be sorted alphabetically.

Prevent time entry of hours on projects

By default, timesheets in Beeye offer the option to enter actual hours on the overall project as well as on the deliverables. In case you would prefer that hours only be entered on deliverables, you can block the entry of hours on projects.

That way, your users will only be able to enter their hours on deliverables and the project lines will now display the total number of entered hours on each deliverable. The progress status column will however store all of the hours already entered for the project regardless of which setting you choose.

To enable this option, simply tick the checkbox. Your browser should then open a pop-up window prompting you to confirm these changes and providing you with the implications of this choice.

Important : Once you enable this option, the hours you’ve already entered for projects that include deliverables will remain saved in the timesheet, but will not be editable. If you wish to edit them again, simply disable this option.

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