The resource management side panel is displayed on the right of your screen once you click on a project’s name in Beeye’s application. The following guide displays the information you the information that you can consult and the actions you can carry out. 


Panel header

The first part of the resources panel displays the button Access profile that allows you to access profile page of the user in order to find out more about them. 

You will find below a capacity graph that displays you the following information: 

  • The real hours fulfilled by your employee up until today
  • The efforts that were planned for them starting from today

The section of the graph shown in red indicates that the real or planned hours of your employee exceeds his/her availability.

Information tab 

The information tab presents the basic information concerning your employee such as, his/her position, his/her e-mail address or even the number of projects he/he works on. 

You will see a following section presenting the skills that have been added on the profile of your resource as well as two levels of expertise: 

  • The column Employee level presents for each skill, the level of expertise that the user has attributed to himself/herself.
  • The column Manager level presents for each skill the level of expertise that a manager has attributed to his employees. It may differ from the Employee level.


Project tab

The Project tab gives you a list of projects to wish the user in question is assigned to.

You will be able to carry two actions:

  • Add projects to employees
  • Remove an employee from one or more projects. This option is only available once you have checked at least one project from the list.

Note: You cannot remove an employee from a project if he/she has seized real hours on this initiative.

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