The task management side panel is displayed on the right of your screen once you click on a project’s name in Beeye’s application. The following guide displays the information you the information that you can consult and the actions you can carry out. 


Information tab 

This section presents the following information: 

  • The name of task 
  • The option to receive notifications by e-mail when changes are made to this task
  • The task’s manager
  • The task’s description, to give more information to your colleagues 
  • The status of the task, to identify those who have not yet begun, those that are underway and those that are completed
  • Start date 
  • End date 

Once you have made your changes, you need to click on the Save button presented at the bottom right of this panel. If necessary, you can also undo your changes by clicking the Cancel button.

Custom fields section 

This section presents the different custom fields associated to your tasks, grouped according to the categories defined on the Custom fields configuration page.

To consult and/or modify the values associated with these fields, you need to click on the title of the category to view the field list it consists. 

You can directly edit the values of these customized fields in this panel:

  • The pencil icon allows you to activate the task’s editing mode
  • The floppy disk icon allows you to save the entered value 
  • The ban icon allows you to discard the unsaved changes 
  • The trash icon allows you to delete the value associated with a custom field


Comment section 

This section allows you to add comments to your task and to consult those who have already been saved. You then can edit comments that you have already added (pencil icon) or you can remove them (trash icon).

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