The project management side panel is displayed on the right of your screen once you click on a project’s name in Beeye’s application. The following guide displays the information you the information that you can consult and the actions you can carry out.

Panel header

The Panel header possesses two buttons:

  • Add to Favourites: this option allows you to add a project to your Favourite list so that you can quickly access it and have it in your timesheet permanently.  
  • Open the project sheet: this button allows you to access a project sheet to obtain more information regarding this initiative.

Below these buttons, there are two tabs: 

  • Information: this tab displays the basic information about your project and the custom fields and files associated with it 
  • Resources: this tab displays a list of the people assigned to projects as well as the total number of hours that have been planned for them and the hours of work that have been completed on this initiative.


Information tab 

Basic information section 

This section presents the following information: 

  • Project status: indicates if your project is still open or if it has been closed
  • The name of the project 
  • Start and end date 
  • The budget of your project 
  • The estimated cost for this project: the amount shown must not take into account human resources expenditures 
  • The duration of the project 
  • Its main category: the type of project that is being carried out (ex: administrative, operational...) 
  • Secondary class: this information is generally used to refer to the project’s client 
  • State: use a colour code to identify the health of a project (red / yellow / green) 

You can directly modify the project’s basic information in this panel by clicking on the button Change the information presented above. For more information, please consult the section Modifying information about the project of the guide Modify one or several projects.

Custom fields section 

This section presents the different custom fields associated to your projects, grouped according to the categories defined on the page configuration of the custom fields.

To consult and/or modify the values associated with these fields, you need to click on the title of the category to view the field list it consists. 

You can directly edit the values of these customized fields in this panel by clicking on the name of each of the fields you want to edit. For more information, please consult the guide Manage custom fields of your projects and deliverables.

Files section

The Files section presents the multimedia items associated with your project, it allows you to download them by clicking on it. 

To learn more about adding files to a project file, please consult the guide Manage files from project sheet.

Resources tab

Capacity graph

The first section of the Resources tab consists of a capacity graph that allows you to instantly compare the total planned hours on a project for the assigned resources, as well as the total number of real hours that were completed until today.

In the following image, the graph displays 8128.34 planned hours on a project, the team has already completed 4117.1 hours. So they fulfilled 50.65% of the efforts required to complete the project. 


The team section 

This section presents a list of all the employees assigned to projects. You can see for each of these employees, the number of hours that have been planned for them and the total number of hours that were completed so far. When an employee has worked more hours than what was planned, the total number of real hours will then be displayed in red. 

This section also allows you to carry out two different actions: 

  • Add resources to the project by clicking on the button provided below the list. 
  • Remove a resource from the project by clicking on the Recycle Bin icon located on the right. 

Note: you cannot remove an employee from a project if he/she has seized real hours on this initiative.

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