On the project file, the team section displays the Remaining values and projected total columns. This information is also available on project reports in order to compare their values for each of your initiatives. 

The following guide explains how these values are calculated.

Remaining calculation

Remaining is the number of the remaining planned hours from the last date on which you had assigned hours on the project in question.

E.g: You have 20 hours that were planned for you for a week. So you're supposed to complete 4 hours of work per day on this project and your initial Remaining is equal to 20 hours.

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The first day, you indicated having worked 4 hours on this project. Remaining is now at 16 hours.

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The second day, you work 8 hours on this project. The Remaining is equal to 12 hours, because the system considers that you have not yet realized the remaining hours that you have scheduled for the week. 

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The third day, you have only completed one hour of work. Your Remaining is now equal to 8 hours, because the system still considers that you have to work 4 hours per day on this project. 

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In fact, whatever the number of hours you enter in the next days, the Remaining will go down 4 hours each day, or the number of hours that should be fulfilled on a daily basis.

Calculation of the projected total 

The projected total gives you an estimate of the hours that will be or have been required to complete your project. It is calculated using the following formula: 

Projected total = total real hours entered on the project + Remaining

Using the previous example in the Remaining section to see the projected total of your project: 

  • Day 0: no hours have been done so far. Real is therefore at 0 and the Remaining is at 20. Consequently, your projected total is equal to 20 hours. 
  • Day 1: you have worked 4 hours. The projected total remains at 20 because you have 4 real hours on this project and the Remaining is of 16 hours. 
  • Day 2: you have worked 8 hours on this project and your Remaining, as we saw earlier is 12 hours. Consequently, your projected total for this project is now of 24 hours, because the total number of real hours for this project is 12 hours. 
  • Day 3: on this day, you performed a single hour of work. The total number of real hours changes to 13 hours while your Remaining now represents 8 hours. As a result, the projected total is 21 hours.
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