As a manager, you may have to validate employee timesheets to verify the time logged in and the comments.

The following guide will describe the timesheet validation process. To learn more about how to log time in your timesheet and how to submit it, please look at the guides Entering time in your timesheet and Submit your timesheet.

Show timesheets ready for validation

To start the validation process, go to the timesheet validation page and select the view that suits you best:

  • Me: will show your own submitted timesheets and let you validate them. That view is useful if your invoicing software uses validated timesheets.
  • Team: will show you the submitted timesheets of all employees who belong to your team.
  • Company: will show you the submitted timesheets of all employees in the company.


Validate a timesheet

You can validate timesheets for your employees to validate that they’ve been correctly filled out. All you have to do is click on the Validate button at the top right of the timesheet you want to validate.

Reject a timesheet

You can reject timesheets submitted by employees when they haven’t been filled out correctly or they’re missing comments. You just have to click on the Reject in the top right corner of the timesheet.

A new window will open up for you to enter an optional comment that will explain why you decided to reject the timesheet so the employee can correct it and submit it again.

Once the timesheet is rejected, it will appear again in the timesheet entry page for the employee so they can make the required changes and resubmit.

Cancel a timesheet

Sometimes you might want to modify a timesheet that has already been submitted. In that case, you can Cancel the timesheet to make changes.

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