In Beeye, time banks allow you to “put aside” overtime so you can “spend” it in the following weeks. Time banks can be useful in situations where employees work overtime but where the company is unable to pay for it except by giving back that time.

The following guide explains how to use time banks in Beeye.

As a reminder, the header of the timesheet contains the following information :

  • Time entered :The sum of all the time that was recorded in the timesheet until now
  • Time bank (remaining) : The sum of all the time that was entered in the time bank (can be positive or negative)
  • Total : The sum of all the time entered, taking into account the time that has been added or taken from the time bank for the current week.

To learn more about the timesheet, please read our guides Introducing the timesheet and Entering time in your timesheet.

Adding time to the time bank

To add time to the time bank, first make sure that you have opened the timesheet where you want to add time.

Then, click on the blue box in the timesheet header, and input a positive number you want to add to your time bank. That will reduce the Total of your timesheet (see following example).

One the right amount has been entered, click Save or press Enter to save changes. The time in your time bank will then be saved and visible in your upcoming timesheets.

In the example below, we have worked 46 hours (as reported by Time Entered), but since the company can only afford to pay 40 hours, we can add 6 hours to the time bank. 

Note: The process is the same when you want to simply modify the number of hours in your time bank.


Removing time from the time bank

Conversely, you can take time from your time bank to add it to the total of hours worked in your timesheet. To do that, open the timesheet on which you want to remove hours.

Click on the blue box in the timesheet header, and type in a negative number of hours you want to take away from your time bank. That will modify the Total indicated on the right.

Then, click on Save or press Enter on your keyboard to save the modifications. The new total in the time bank will be saved and visible in your upcoming timesheets.

In the following example, we’ve recorded only 34 hours in the timesheet. You can then add 6 hours that were in the time bank and submit a timesheet with a total of 40 hours.


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