The timesheet allow you to indicate how many hours you spend on each project or deliverable that was assigned to you.

The following guide will present how you can input time and, if necessary, display more projects in your timesheet. To learn more about the information displayed in your timesheet, please read the guide Introducing the Timesheet.

Adding projects to your timesheet

By default, your timesheet only displays the projects on which time has been planned for you for the current period, and the ones on which you have logged time during the past two weeks.

However, you can also choose to add other projects to your timesheet. To do that, click on Add a project under the timesheet where you want to add your project. The right pane will open up, and you will be able to see all the projects you’ve been assigned to.

Adding time on a project

You can enter time in the white boxes with a light-blue border. The greyed-out boxes represent the days for which you cannot enter time, either because the project hasn’t started yet, or because it is already over.

To enter time, you simply need to click on the box before typing the numerical value corresponding to the number of hours worked for each project. For example, you can type “3.5” to enter 3 hours and 30 minutes in your timesheet.

You can also enter time for the whole week on a project. The time will be split linearly over each day of your timesheet.

Once you’ve typed in your time, you can click the Save button in the top right corner of the timesheet to save your changes. 

Note: You can only enter numerical values. Decimal values must be typed with a separating dot (“3.5”), not a comma (“3,5”).

Note: The new Beeye interface allows you to fill in future timesheets, for example if you want to record your holidays in advance. You can use the date range picker at the top right of the page to pick the period you want.


Adding time on a deliverable

You can also indicate how much time you spent on a precise deliverable in your project to give more information to your manager about the work that was done.

To do that, click on the arrow icon on the left to display the list of deliverables.



Entering a comment on a project and/or deliverable

You can add comments on your projects and deliverables to give more qualitative information about the hours you entered in your timesheet.

To delete a comment, you only have to follow the same process but this time, leave the comment box empty before saving your changes.



Managing expenses in your timesheet

Add an expense

You can add expenses in your timesheet to submit them for approval by your manager.

You will first have to click on Show expenses to display the section corresponding to expenses. Then, you will be able to click on Add new expense and fill in the fields before saving your modifications.


Delete an expense

To delete an expense, you just need to click on the cross icon in the Actions column in the line that corresponds to the expense you want to delete.

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