The following guide shows how you can add expenses to your timesheet. To learn more about the kind of information you need to add an expense, please read our guide Understanding expense tracking information.

Note: The actions presented in this guide require a prior configuration. To learn more, please read our guide Setting up expense types.

Important: The actions presented in this guide cannot be done on timesheets that are pending validation or validated. If you want to modify expenses on a timesheet that is pending or validated, the timesheet first needs to be rejected so you can make the changes you want.

Adding an expense

You can add expenses to your timesheet and submit them for approval by your manager.

First, you must click Show expenses to display the list of expenses. Then you just need to click on Add new expense and fill in the fields. 

Finally, click Save on your timesheet to save your expenses.

Modifying an expense

As long as your timesheet wasn’t submitted or validated, you can modify the expenses in your timesheets.

To do that, click the Show expenses button to see the list of expenses. Modify the expense, and the click Save.

Deleting an expense

To delete an expense, click the cross icon in the Actions column on the right.

Click the Save of your timesheet to record the deletion.

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