With the new Beeye interface, you will notice the project management right panel appears when you click on the name of one of your projects.

The following guide will explain the different sections of that panel and the actions you can perform.




Information tab

Basic project information

This section will show you the name of your project, the start and end dates, the main and secondary categories, and the state of the project.

Project custom field

This section will show the custom fields for your projects, split by custom field category as you have defined them.

You can open or collapse the different categories and change the values for the custom fields by clicking on them. To learn more, please read our guide Modifying one or several projects.

Attached files

This section shows you the files that are attached to a particular projects, whether by your colleagues or by you directly.

You can download these files from the left panel by clicking on their name.


Resources tab

Project progress

The first section of this table shows you the progress made on your project in real time.

On the following image, you can see that the employees assigned to the project have logged in 1187.4 hours of time out of the 3153.98 hours planned. That corresponds to a progress of 37.65%.

Employees assigned to the project

The resource tab shows you, for the selected time period, the employees that have worked on the project as well as their actual and planned efforts.

Important: note that the list and the numbers displayed change based on the time period you’ve selected in the Planning or Reports pages.

Actions you can perform

This panel allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Change information about your project
  • Change custom fields values
  • Download attached files
  • Open the project details page

To learn more about the way you can modify information about your project and its custom fields, please read our guide Modifying one or several projects


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