The simplified planning mode allows you to quickly visualize the projects on which your employees have hours planned and the total of these hours. From this page, you can manage both planned efforts of your employees as well as the projects they have been assigned to.

Simplified planning table 

The simplified planning mode quickly shows you the most important projects on which your employees have hours planned, the total amount of these hours and the current state of their capacity identified by a colour code. 

In order to keep an ergonomic display of these boxes, we display 4 of the most important projects of each employee, namely the projects with the most planned hours for each person. The rest of the projects can be displayed in the planning panel by clicking on the box in question. 


Side panel for simplified planning 

Planning efforts with the simplified planning mode can be done in the side panel that reveals itself to the right of your screen when you click on the desired period. This panel displays two tabs: 

  • Planned: this tab presents a list of projects on which the user has planned efforts as well as the amount of hours or percentage of planned efforts. 
  • Projects: this tab presents all of the on-going projects for the selected period of time on which you can your user’s efforts. 


Plan your resource’s efforts with the simplified planning mode 

After selecting the filters and the desired time period, navigate to the resource for which you wish to plan for and click on the day, week or month you would like to assign hours to. A sidebar will open on the right of your screen to show you details of the planned hours of each of the projects listed.

In the project’s tab, click the name of a project to assign your employees and directly plan for them in hours or percentages. Then click the Add button to validate your planning. You will then see that your planning and capacity-planning graph has been automatically updated.


Modify your planning

You can also use the planning panel to modify the planning of your employee for different projects. Simply click on the number of hours or percentage planned associated with a project. 

Then, enter the new amount and press enter or click on another project to validate the number of planned hours. The last step is to click the Add button to save your changes.


Delete planned hours

You can delete the hours planned of your employees by using the right panel. 

To do this, simply click on the name of the project to clear or the checkbox on the left before clicking on the Add button to save your changes.

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