The normal planning mode allows you to have a detailed view of your teams’ planned efforts on your different projects

The first step will be to make sure you choose the correct filters and the correct period of time. To learn more about the use of filters, please consult the guide Presentation of the planning page.

Understanding the project planning table 


Project planning table

The blue icon next to your project’s name shows you the number of employees assigned to it. Click to view the list and their planned efforts.

Explanation of this table:

  • The button Add resources located under the table allows you to add new resources to your project.
  • Click on the name of the project to display the right panel, which will show you all the information regarding your project.
  • Click on the name of an employee to display the right panel, which will show all the information regarding this resource.


Planning efforts by project

Reminder, project planning allows you to simultaneously plan the efforts of several employees on a same project.

After selecting the project view, navigate to the project you wish to plan for and click on the blue icon next to project’s name to see all the resources assigned to it.

As a reminder, you can assign new resources to your projects by clicking on the button Add resources under the table. You can also access a project’s file or an employee’s file by clicking on their names. This information can be useful to, for example, to visualize the availability of your employees. 

Enter in the white boxes the hours you wish to plan for your employees’ or their percentage of availability, depending on the unit you have chosen as a filter. 

Once your planned hours are listed, a blue banner will appear at the bottom of your webpage inviting you to save your changes. Click on the button to save your planning.

Your capacity graph will update as soon as you save your changes to present your new capacity curve.

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