In the new version of Beeye, you can create projects from any page. There are two main ways you can create projects: the “standard” and the “quick” way.

The following guide describes the steps to follow to create a project the quick way. To learn more about the quick way, please read The standard project creation flow. 

To learn more about the project management side panel, read our guide Discover the project management side panel.

To learn more about how to create a project from a template, read our guide Creating a project from a template.

Creating a project the quick way

The quick project creation flow is particularly useful when you want to create a new project without going into the specifics at this point. 

Contrary to the standard flow, you don’t have to assign resources or plan efforts to create a project this way.

To begin, click on the Create button and select A project (fast).

A side panel will open where you can enter the information about your new project:

  • Title of the project
  • Main category of the project: often used to define the type of project
  • Secondary category of the project (optional): often used to indicate the client for the project
  • Start and end dates for the project

Fill in the fields and click on the Create project button to finish creating your project. The project page will open automatically in a new tab of your browser. Your project will then appear in your project list on the planning, reports and project configuration pages.

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