Each project created has a lead automatically defined by Beeye.The project lead can access the project pages of the projects they manage and modify the information even if they aren’t assigned to the project. 

That information also influences the way projects are categorized in the reports page when you sort by team.

In some cases, the true project lead will not be the same person as the one picked by Beeye. You will be able to create a custom field to identify who is the project lead for each of your projects.

The following guide will explain the different cases that influence how Beeye picks the project lead.

Case 1: your project only contains one person

When only one person is assigned to a project, the system considers that they are the project lead.

Case 2: several employees of the same team are assigned to a project

When several people are assigned to a project, the system chooses as project lead the closest common supervisor to all people assigned to the project.

If everyone is in the same team, the project lead will be the team lead of the team all resources belong to.

Case 3: several employees from different teams are assigned to the project

If people are on different teams, the same principle applies.

For example, in the following company:

If a project shares resources between members of the Communication and the Human Resources teams, the project lead will be the closest common supervisor: Mark Berest from team Operations.

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