The objectives stated on the project sheets allow you to have an accurate follow-up on the progress of your project in terms of expected results.

The following guide presents the different actions that can be done in the Goals’ Project section of the project sheet. To find out how to access a project's record, please refer to the Access a project's sheet.

Create your goals

To create a goal, click on the Goal Name field and start entering its name. New fields will appear where you can fill in the following information as needed:

  • Description of the goal
  • Quantified value: This value will be used to calculate the progress of the goal. We recommend in most cases to set the value 100 to express the progress of your goals as a percentage. For more information, see the section Indicate progress on a goal.
  • Deadline

Click on the Save button to validate your changes and finalize the creation of your goal.


Edit a goal

The procedure for modifying a goal includes substantially the same steps as the one used to create a goal. To start, click on the pencil icon to the right of the filter you want to edit.

After modifying your information, you will need to click on the Save button to validate your modifications.


Indicate progress on a goal

You can track the progress of your different goals if you have previously entered a value in the Quantized Value field. To do this, click on the pencil icon to the right of the filter to display additional fields.

In the Current Value field, enter the value corresponding to the current progress of your goal relative to the initial Quantified Value.

For example, your progress rate will be 26% if you put the values 26 in Current Value and 100 in Quantified Value. Then click on the Save button when you have indicated the progress of your goal.

This new rate of advancement influences the overall completion rate of the project goals located near the progress bar in the Project Sheet section.


Declare a goal as completed

You can declare a goal as completed with a single click. Its progress rate will then be automatically set to 100%. To do this, simply click on the checkbox to the left of the current rate of progress of your goal.


You can also do this when editing your goal by clicking on the check box to the right of Finished Objective. All you need to do is save your changes to make the goal complete.

Note: You can also specify a Current Value that is greater than or equal to the value of Quantized Value so that the rate of advancement of your goal increases to 100%. On the other hand, it will not automatically be considered by the system as completed.

Declaring an objective as being finished influences the overall achievement rate of the project objectives located near the progress bar in the Project Sheet section.


Delete a goal

To delete a goal, you will first need to click on the pencil icon to display additional information for your goal. You can then click on the Delete button to continue.

Your Internet browser will open a new window asking you to confirm the removal of the goal. Click on OK to validate your choice.

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