Beeye’s custom fields allow you to define different types of fields in which you can specify custom values. You can associate them with your projects to keep track of the information that are essential to your business.

Important: The use of custom fields on the Project Sheet requires prior configuration in the Custom Fields page. To learn more about custom fields, please refer to Understanding the Different Types of Custom Fields and Configuring Custom Fields for Your Projects and Deliverables.

Highlight your custom fields

By default, the different categories of custom fields are reduced to optimize the display of your Project Sheet. To view your different custom field lists, click on category titles.

You will then see the list of your fields, the values assigned (if applicable) and the actions you can implement.


Assign a value to a custom field

Click the pencil icon of the custom field that you want to edit to assign a value. Once you have made your changes, click on the save icon for each deliverable you have changed.

Important: You can put the same value for a custom field between several projects at the same time by going on the project management page. You'll then have to check the project to edit prior to putting the custom fields values using the bulk edit feature.


Delete the value of a custom field

Click on the trash icon to delete the value assigned to the field.


Edit a custom field

Beeye's new interface also allows you to modify the custom fields of your project directly from the project sheet. To do this, click on the name of your deliverable to open the modification window.

You can then change the name of your custom field, its object (project or deliverable), its type, make it visible or not for all your users. You will also be able to configure additional options depending on the type of fields. To learn more about these options, please refer to the Understanding different types of custom fields guide.

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