The deliverables allow you to break down your overall project into several stages. Used in timesheets, they allow you to follow more precisely time spent by your resources on each activity.

The actions presented in this guide are carried out in the Deliverables section of the project sheet. To find out how to access a project's record, please refer to the Access a project's sheet.

Warning: to be able to create or modify the deliverable of a project, you will have to:

  • Either be assigned to the project
  • Either be the internal manager
  • Be the direct supervisor of the project manager 


Create a deliverable

To get started, go to the deliverable section of your project sheet and click on the Add a Deliverable button. This action will open a panel on the right side of your screen where you can fill in the name of the deliverable as well as the manager of it.

If necessary, you can add a description to this deliverable, which will be visible to everyone involved in the project.

To view the description of a deliverable, simply click on the name of the deliverable to display a summary of the description in the sidebar. If needed, you can click on the Display Description button to see all the items that have been added.

Edit a deliverable

You can modify the information of your deliverables at any time. To do this, click on the name of the deliverable in question to open a panel on the right of your screen where you can make your changes. Then click on the Save button at the bottom right of this panel to validate your changes.

The following sections detail the steps for modifying each field of information in your deliverable.

Edit name

Enter the new name of your deliverable in the Deliverable Name field and click on the Update button.

Note: The Receive Notifications for this Deliverable checkbox just below the name allows you to receive an email when changes have been made to this deliverable.


Modify the description of a deliverable

Click on the description of your deliverable to bring up the editing section. Enter the new description of your deliverable and click on the Update button at the bottom right of your sidebar.


Edit the deliverable manager

The deliverable manager designates the person who will be responsible for delivering this step. To change the manager, click on the Manager field to open the drop-down list showing all the people who can have this status. Then click on the name of the desired person before saving your data.

Note: Only a person assigned to the project can be responsible for a deliverable.


Change the progress status

Warning: progress of the deliverables must be configured beforehand in the Task status page before being used in the project files. Please refer to the guide Manage task status

To change the progress of a deliverable, click on the Status field and select the progress rate to assign to this deliverable. If you need, you can check the option Change status for all subtasks so that this modifications will be aplied to all subtasks of this deliverable.

Then confirm your changes by clicking on the Update button located at the bottom right of the side panel.

Note: The last state of your list will automatically declare the deliverable as complete. This action will assign an actual end date to your deliverable, corresponding to the day it was declared ended. To see how to configure or change the order of the deliverable statuses, please refer to the guide Manage task status.


Change the start and / or end dates

Click on the date field you want to edit and then click on the new value to associate with your deliverable.

Warning: the start date of your deliverable cannot be earlier than the starting date of project. Similarly, the end date of the deliverable shall not be later than the beginning of the project.

Add or edit the value associated with a custom field

Warning: Custom fields must be pre-configured in the Custom field page before they can be used on the project form. Please refer to the guide Set up custom fields for your projects and tasks for the procedure.

To change the value of a deliverable, click on the pencil icon to the right of its name. Once you have made your changes, you can validate your changes by clicking on the Save icon on the right.

If necessary, you can delete the values associated with a custom field by clicking on the trash icon.

Add comments on a deliverable

You can add different comments about the deliverables of your projects to, for example, discuss with your teams about their progress. To do so, enter your comment in the field provided for this purpose before clicking on the Add your comment button.

Delete a deliverable

To delete a deliverable, click on the trash icon on the far right in the Actions column. Your browser will open a new window asking you to confirm your choice. Click OK to finalize the deletion of your deliverable.

Note: Deliverables on which actual or planned hours have been retrieved cannot be deleted. Remove the actual hours entered on this deliverable in the timesheets of your teams to delete it.

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